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This Colin's Fortune Telling Cards edition was made for the 5th Carbone TV live show from Charleroi (belgium). The deck features three emblematic characters and an exclusive design. Every other elements on the cards are similar to the standard version of the Colin's Fortune Telling Cards, this deck is therefore compatible with any game using it.

What's on the cards ?

Here is what you can find on each Colin's Fortune Telling Cards.

  • Texts can be used to help determine an event in a story : the title of the card can be used to suggest a direction in a story, while the key words can determine which skill will be required from the characters in a specific event.

  • Hands can be used to get a random number in a range of 2, 5 or 10, depending of which hand you choose to look at.

  • The head of the character hide some values that can be used in some specific situations, like getting a direction from the head's orientation or counting the opened eyes to determine the success of a stealth action.

  • The environment behind the characters can be used to set a story, using the landscape, the weather in the sky or both.

  • The flower can be used to trigger a rare event. The number of petals on a flower stand for the number of flower of that type in the deck, the fewer petals the rarer the flower. Flowers can also be used to determine how unexpected an event is in a story, the fewer petals the most unexpected the event is.

  • Gems and coins emulate a normal distribution, which is the type of random result you obtain by throwing several dices: the lowest and the highest values are less expected to occur than the average ones. Gems and coins can be used to determine an outcome between several possibilities, where some are more likely to happen than others. Gems and coins can return a value from 0 to 2,3,4,6,7 or 10 depending of which ones you choose to look at.

For more details check the Colin's Fortune Telling Cards original page.

the Carbone TV episode featuring the project (french) :

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AuthorMartian's Parlor Entertainment
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsMagic, Math, printnplay


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