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This was super artistic, had a blast once I learned how it worked. Nice job!

The monsters are so cute and the animation is really something! :D Had fun with this one, kept the challenge until the very end.
I wonder if the wall with a "?" in the last floor means something. Also, it's a shame there isn't a final boss as a climax. Kind of disappointing. :c

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. We're very glad you make it through ! 
We actually did a last level but we remove it just before the end of the jam because it wasn't interesting enough to us.
Here is the answer of your "?" wall question (21:18) :

*facepalm* It was so simple yet I didn't think of that


The stop-motion clay art, the maze, the riddles? You've combined them all in an amazing way! I enjoyed the game so much! Took me a few hours to find the treasure but I finally did it! 

The interrogations definitely helped me and the avocado definitely scared me. Haha!

"I'm easily scared -.-''

Love love LOVE the claymation/artstyle! So much character!!!


You guys are crazy. And I mean that in the nicest possible way!

When I first started playing this I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but as I trawled backwards and forwards, slowly figuring out each thing, I was taken aback at the amount of thought that went into this.

Every item has a unique use, every monster is kooky and delightful, and every time you solve a puzzle you get that lovely warm feeling, like when you finish an extra-hard sudoku.

I loved the use of clay as well, and while it's not the most refined claymation it's still a darn impressive feat and I know you will all improve as time goes on.

Keep up the amazing work, this was a lovely surprising treat! =)


Thank you for the feedback and the play-through. We plan to do other claymation games later, hope you'll see our progress ! Until then, we did this new thing that may interest you. 

Keep doing wonderful videos about indie games !

I failed and didn't find the treasure and then I rage quit. In that order.


I didn't have any issues, had fun and found the treasure. :) 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

I keep hitting install, and it keeps stopping and not working :(

Hi, which operating system are you running on ?


I think the problem is now fixed. Please tell me if not. Thanks again for letting me know !

It still isn't working for some reason. It downloads fine, but when I click install, it's still stopping after about half a second.

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To play you need to extract the zip file and run the .exe file. If you don't manage to unzip the file, maybe try another unziper.
Someone told ma about a similar issue and had to use 7-zip.

Hi, I tried another file compression. I hope it will work now. Sorry again for this issue !

Hi there!  I'm on Windows 10 and trying to install the game within the launcher, and I'm having the same issue the other person was having. Sorry such a belated reply, but I've just discovered this game via an old post on PCGamer's Free Game Of The Week. Looks interesting, and hope I get to play it!  :)

Hi, sorry about this issue.
Did you try to download the game without the launcher ?
I will try to make a new build this week, I'll tell you when it will be done !
Sorry again, you can still play our browser games in the meantime ...

HI! I wasn't able to download and open this game because my computer is telling me the Mac file is damaged. Is there anything I can do?

Hi ! Sorry about that and thank you for the report.
Someone else pointed me that issue, I think I fixed it this morning.
If you have time, please tell me if it works for you.

Thanks! I'll be checking it out :)